Dormouse surveys


The Hazel dormouse is the only native dormouse in Britain and is associated with some of our oldest woodland habitats.It has a thick furry tail, its fur is a rich orange-brown, often with a white chest and white tip on its tail and  large black eyes. Dormice are nocturnal, feeding by night and spending the daytime curled up asleep in their nests.


Hazel dormice, their breeding sites and resting places are protected by law.



You are commiting an offence if you:


  • kill, capture, disturb or injure hazel dormice

  • destroy or damage a breeding or resting place 

  • block access to their resting or sheltering places 

  • possess, sell, or transport live or dead hazel dormice, or parts of hazel dormice


You could be sent to prison for up to 6 months and be fined £5,000 for each offence if you’re found guilty.








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Mitigation licences may be granted by Natural England or Natural Resources Wales if you cant avoid disturbing them or damaging their habitat.


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