5 Signs You Could Have Bats

Over the last 50 years bats have been in decline as a result of loss of habitat and use of pesticides. Bats often roost in dark buildings for example barns or lofts. Bats do not pose any risk to humans, infact they assist our environement by controlling populations of insects, such as mosquitos and midgets. If you are planning any development for your home and think you may have bats, there are 5 signs to indicate you may have bats.


  • Droppings

Droppings are a tell tale sign that you have bats roosting in your attic or cellar. Their small droppings look similar to that of a mouse, but crumble rather than stay solid. The droppings vary in size but need to be analysed to identify species.

  • Urine staining

Urine is not as easy to spot as droppings, although the ammonia smell can be a clue! The urine can stain wooden surfaces.

  • Smudge markings on walls

This one is slightly less obvious. If you find unexplained smudge marks on the walls, this may be due to the oil on their fur rubbing against the surfaces. This is usually more prominent around the hole where they enter and exit the building.

  • Odour

Bat Guano and urine can cause a very unpleasant odour as it decomposes. It usually gives off a rancid ammonia-like smell but apart from the smell, it doesnt really cause much damage. The odour can be mistaken for mice or rats.

  • Bats!

Of course the most obvious sign that you have bats roosting is seeing bats. Bats often roost unseen in crevices in walls and in gaps between wooden joists in the roof space. some bats hang on wooden beams and rafters and are easy to spot.

If you think you may have bats, it's important to remember that they are a legally protected species so must not be disturbed. Bats can only be dealt with by a licensed specialist.

If you want more advice on what to do if you think you have bats roosting, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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