How Can You Improve Biodiversity?


There are many different things you can do in your own garden that not only make it look beautiful but also massively improve biodiversity. These include:

  • Attracting bumblebees

  • Attracting bats

  • Native species

  • Bird boxes

Attracting Bumblebees

Bumblebees are declining at a worrying rate, so its important that we do everything we can to keep them around. You can benefit them hugely by planting the right things. Get your garden blooming with pollen and nectar rich flowers from spring through until late summer so that bees have a good supply at the crucial times.

Attracting Bats

As bats natural habitats have become rapidly scarcer, our gardens have become more important to ensure a successful future for bats. Some great ways to encourage bats to your garden are:

  • Build a pond

  • Create linear features (e.g. hedgerows)

  • Install a bat box

  • Have a variety of plants and flowers to attract insects- bat’s only food source!

Native Species

When choosing what trees, shrubs and plants you want in your garden, consider species of British local origins, as opposed to the increasingly popular species sourced from abroad. The different characteristics of these exotic plants can have a real effect on wildlife conservation, and risk the introduction of unwanted exotic species such as fungal and viral pathogens.

Bird boxes

Choosing which bird box is right for you will depend on your location. If you live in the countryside or near woodland, you may choose a bigger box to encourage owls or woodpeckers. Smaller bird boxes are more appropriate if you live in a more urban area, attracting common small birds such as sparrows and blue tits. Small bird boxes in urban locations are extra beneficial as there is less nesting opportunities in these areas.

As well as getting your own garden thriving with wildlife, there are also many biodiversity projects that work with local conservation groups. Search for your local wildlife conservation group to find out more ways you can be improving biodiversity on a larger scale.

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